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Partial Hospital Program

MetroWest Medical Center understands that all of our behavioral health patients need personalized care plans that fit their individual needs.  That’s why we offer the Partial Hospital Program at our Leonard Morse Hospital location in Natick.  Our Program is for adults age 18+ and runs 5 days a week Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm.  The Partial Hospital Program is appropriate for patients making the transition from inpatient to outpatient, or as a program alternative for clients presenting in the ER who do not present any danger to themselves or others but need a structured treatment plan and environment.   We offer both dual diagnosis (mental health and substance abuse) and primary mental health tracks.  Clients receive individualized, focused and goal-oriented treatment to help facilitate stabilization of symptoms in a less restrictive, non-inpatient environment that allows them to return home in the evenings.  Treatment is provided through psychoeducation, psychotherapeutic, individual/case management, after care planning and medication management.   The Partial Hospital Program is short term therapy and our goal is to help patients get back on the right track. 

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Partial Hospital Program also offers an Intensive Outpatient Program that runs 3-5 days a week for three hours a day.  The Intensive Outpatient Program is a step down from  Partial Hospital Program level of care and is often for patients transitioning back to previous lifestyle. The Intensive Outpatient Program is also for adults age 18+  and offers both dual diagnosis (mental health and substance abuse) and primary mental health tracks.    

Compassionate Behavioral Health Experts:

The treatment team works to empower our patients so they can take control of their treatment and recovery.  Our treatment team includes:

* Licensed social workers
* Licensed mental health
* Addiction counselors
* Clinical Nurse Practitioners
* Psychiatrist

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our Partial Hospital Program, please contact us at (508) 650.7339.

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Admission to MetroWest Medical Center's Partial Hospital Program

Admission to our program can be obtained in three ways: phone, fax & online submission.

Monday-Friday 8:30AM - 4:00PM call (508) 650-7339
After 4:00PM & Weekends call (508) 650-7380

Click here to download, print & complete our request form and fax it to 508-650-7818.  Once received, someone from our facility will call and schedule you for an intake.

Complete the online form below and one of our staff members will contact you within two business days to schedule you for an intake.

Request More Information / Admission

If you would like to request more information or are looking for admission to the Partial Hospital Program at MetroWest Medical Center, please complete the form below and one of our staff members will contact you within two business days.  If you have any questions, or prefer to request an appointment over the phone, please call 508-650-7339.

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