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How Much Do You Know About Anthrax?

What have you learned about anthrax since it became a real concern after Sept. 11, 2001?

1. Anthrax is caused by which of the following?
2. Medical historians have traced anthrax to what period in the past?
3. If a person has been exposed to anthrax, treatment to prevent the disease can include which antibiotics?
4. Anthrax spores can survive in dry places such as soil for how long?
5. The largest reported epidemic of human anthrax occurred between 1978 and 1980 in which country?
6. What is the fatality rate of cutaneous (skin) anthrax with no treatment?
7. Once contaminated by anthrax spores, a building can be cleaned by:
8. The first anthrax vaccine was developed in which year?
9. The anthrax vaccine causes which long-term side effect?
10. Which household pets seem the most resistant to anthrax?

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