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Goal of Chemotherapy for Prostate Cancer

Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill cancer cells. For prostate cancer, chemotherapy is most often used for advanced disease that is no longer responding to hormone therapy. Chemotherapy does not cure prostate cancer. But it can often ease symptoms such as bone pain. Chemotherapy can also help decrease PSA levels and reduce the amount of cancer. Plus it has been shown to help men with prostate cancer live several months longer. Researchers are always looking for new drugs that may work better.

Making the decision to have chemotherapy for prostate cancer

Chemotherapy is often a good choice if your cancer has spread away from your prostate and hormone therapy isn't working. Chemotherapy is rarely used for early-stage prostate cancer. But there are clinical trials for such localized cancers. They’re checking to see if chemotherapy will improve the outcomes in men with aggressive, localized cancers. Ask your doctor if you should be in one of these trials.


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