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Deciding on Treatment

  • Types of Treatment for Brain Tumors

  • What to Know About Chemotherapy for Brain Tumors

    Chemotherapy uses anticancer drugs to kill cancer cells. The drugs attack and kill cells that divide rapidly. Some of these rapidly dividing cells are cancer, but others are normal cells in the body.

  • What to Know About Radiation Therapy for Brain Tumors

    Doctors give radiation therapy in one of these two ways: from a machine outside the body or from small radioactive pellets placed inside the area with cancer.

  • Brachytherapy

    Brachytherapy is radiation treatment that is given inside the patient, as close to the cancer as possible. The radiation is delivered to the body site with radioactive isotopes inside wires, seeds, or rods. These devices are called implants.

  • Surgery For Cancer Treatment

    One type of surgery for cancer is curative. This procedure removes the cancerous tumor or growth from the body. Surgeons use curative surgery when the cancerous tumor is in one specific area of the body. This type of treatment is often considered the primary treatment, but other types of cancer treatments, such as radiation, may be used before or after the surgery.

  • What to Know About Surgery for Brain Tumors

  • Targeted Therapy for Brain Tumors

    Certain targeted therapies use various molecules to eliminate or reduce tumor cells or block their destructive behavior. Most are still in the research stages.


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