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Maintaining Quality of Life When You Have Cancer

Recovering from cancer is not a simple process. First you have to follow your prescribed course of treatment. Then, there are follow-up appointments and other aftercare. It can take a while to get back to your normal activities. To help you make the transition back to your precancer lifestyle, ask your doctor and other specialists to design a rehabilitation program for you. Its goal should be to strengthen you both physically and mentally. Here are some specific items you might want to discuss:

  • Where you can get in touch with other people who have had a similar type of cancer who are willing to share their experiences, hopes, and fears

  • How you can actively eliminate as many factors that increase your risk of the cancer coming back or developing a new cancer as possible

  • Where you can find counseling for you and your family to help you keep healthy relationships during your care and as you transition back to your routine

  • Where you can get help paying your medical bills

  • Who can help you understand your rights at work and about keeping your job

  • What kinds of physical activity are safe for you to do


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