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How Much Do You Know About Taste & Smell?

Smell and taste problems can have a big impact on our lives. Because these senses contribute substantially to our enjoyment of life, our desire to eat, and be social, smell and taste disorders can be serious.

1. People are able to distinguish four main types of tastes: sour, sweet, salty, and bitter.
2. You are able to recognize a taste through your sense of smell.
3. Taste disorders are more common than smell disorders.
4. All taste and smell disorders are caused by injury or illness.
5. Hormones can affect your taste and smell.
6. Most doctors diagnose smell disorders by using a scratch and sniff test.
7. Losing your sense of smell or taste can be annoying, but it doesn't pose any risks.
8. Losing your sense of smell or taste can be an early warning sign of more serious illness.

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