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What to Know About Surgery for Carcinoma of Unknown Primary Origin

During surgery, your doctor removes a tumor or tumors from your body. Your doctor usually tries to take out all of the cancerous tissue and some of the normal tissue around it. Surgery is usually done for cancer that is easy to reach, for instance, a skin growth or a lymph node that the surgeon can feel with his or her fingers.

Unless a surgical biopsy is required to obtain tissue for diagnosis and testing, surgery is not usually recommended if the cancer has spread throughout your body, or if a primary cancer is found in a deep organ.

Potential side effects from surgery for carcinoma of unknown primary origin

Like other cancer therapies, surgery can also cause side effects. These depend on what kind of surgery you have. These are some of the possible side effects of surgery:

  • Pain at the surgical site

  • Irritation of the skin where the surgery was done

  • Infection of the incision

  • Bleeding where the incision was done

Your doctor can treat all of these side effects. If you have poor general health and poor nutrition, you may have an increased risk for infection or have problems with wound healing.


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