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MetroWest Cancer Center knows the field of cancer treatment is the most dynamic in medicine, evolving exponentially with the rapid development of new technologies leading to ever better outcomes for our patients. That’s why we are committed to staying on the forefront by offering a full range of high-tech treatments from expertly trained staff, in a community hospital setting that’s convenient for you.

The best cancer care:

From 3D digital imaging to precisely targeted radiation treatment, MetroWest Cancer Center’s radiation oncology department has the skills and the equipment to give you the latest and best in cancer care.

Siemens Linear Accelerator: Our 52 Multileaf Collimator System can see the shape of the tumor and deliver a precise dose of radiation, right where it’s needed.

Pinnacle (ADAC) Treatment Planning System: This powerful 3D treatment planning and virtual simulation system helps us map your radiotherapy process with advanced graphics, accurate dosages and simplified treatment planning.

Siemens Sensation Open Large Bore 20-Slice CT Scanner: One of the most advanced Computed Tomography (CT) scan systems, this equipment helps us plan your radiation treatments with the highest level of precision.

LANTIS Integrated Oncology Management System: LANTIS is a full electronic record that includes a patient’s diagnosis, prescription, treatment history and notes. This helps your entire healthcare team communicate effectively about your cancer treatments, so they can provide you with the highest quality, most efficient care possible.

For more information about the radiation oncology services at MetroWest Cancer Center, or to make an appointment, please contact us or call (508) 383-8510.

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