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The continuum of cardiac care at MetroWest Medical Center continues with our rehab specialists. We want to help you get better as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in life as far as age and fitness level — if you’ve had a heart attack, heart surgery or are experiencing heart difficulties, a big part of recovery is a personalized rehabilitation program.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

MetroWest Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a specialized medical service that helps you improve physical function, build confidence in day-to-day activities, and reduce your health risks. It includes comprehensive inpatient, outpatient and wellness programs to promote cardiac health.

Inpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

After admission to MetroWest Medical Center for a heart attack or other cardiovascular services, patients and family members receive educational materials on diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, risk factor modification and activity progression. Nutritional counseling and other support services are also available, as needed, to assist in making your transition home easier.

Monitored Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

Monitored Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation is available for patients who have recently experienced heart attack, angioplasty, or cardiac bypass surgery. In addition, certain individuals with angina, abnormal stress tests, cardiomyopathy, valve surgery and cardiac transplant may be eligible. The program staff consists of the following interdisciplinary team members:

  • Cardiologists
  • Dietitian
  • Exercise specialist
  • Registered nurses
  • Social worker

As a team, these healthcare providers help improve your cardiac function, reduce your risk factors and show you how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise Program

During your rehabilitation you will receive a customized exercise program, which typically requires two to three sessions per week for several weeks. To support the exercise component of outpatient cardiac rehabilitation, the team at MetroWest Medical Center offers education in the following areas:

  • Cardiac anatomy and physiology
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Emotional aspects of recovery
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Lipid management
  • Medications
  • Nutrition
  • Risk factor modification
  • Stress management

Cardiac Wellness and Education Programs

Registered nurses and exercise specialists supervise the Cardiac Wellness Program. It is offered three days per week at the MetroWest Wellness Center, a full-service facility staffed by a comprehensive team of health professionals. We also offer the following community education programs:

  • Cardiac support group
  • Smoking cessation
  • Stress management workshop
  • Weight reduction

For more information about the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, please call (508) 383-1679.

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