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When your feet hurt, all you want is relief. Eighty percent of people will suffer from some form of foot or ankle pain during their lives, caused by anything from injury or tight shoes, to diseases like arthritis, poor circulation, diabetes and genetic abnormalities. No matter what the cause, the results are all the same – sore feet.

The orthopedic specialists at MetroWest Medical Center are trained to correct foot and ankle problems and the pain associated with them. We take care of the symptom, but we also take care of the cause. With a variety of assessment and treatment tools, including the latest technological advancements, we can establish an accurate diagnosis quickly and develop a plan of care that fits your specific needs. 

Orthopedic Surgery  options.

We will exhaust every appropriate treatment option before considering orthopedic surgery. However, if an orthopedic surgical procedure becomes necessary, our team is well versed in:

  • Sports-related injuries
  • Complex fracture care
  • Custom casting and splinting
  • Reconstructive surgery related to trauma
  • Manufacturing and fitting of custom braces and orthotics
  • Reconstructive surgery related to arthritis or deformity
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