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Special Care Nursery

At MetroWest Medical Center, you can have peace of mind that your newborn will receive the best care even if there’s a problem. Staffed by neonatology specialists who also practice at Tufts Medical Center, our Special Care Level IIB Nursery provides advanced neonatal treatment for premature and sick infants. 

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Advanced Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) 

To complement our regular newborn nursery, MetroWest has a Level IIB Special Care Nursery, or NICU, for at-risk newborns with special health needs. If your baby is born prematurely (less than 32 weeks), has respiratory problems or other issues, we have the Neonatology Specialists, expertise and technology to provide excellent neonatal care.

The Special Care Nursery is located within the Beautiful Beginnings maternity unit, ensuring that mothers can remain close by when their babies require special monitoring. MetroWest Medical Center also has established a collaborative relationship with Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center, for infants who require transfer to Boston for the maximum level of intensive care services. Once they have made sufficient progress, these infants may return to our Special Care Nursery for continuing care until they are ready to go home.


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