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Jeanette Corsini Featured in Fortune Magazine!

Fortune Magazine states, "We found more than 50 people who have performed extraordinary acts of bravery, charity, ingenuity, or selflessness—transforming their communities (and often the lives of total strangers) in the process. Also, they just happen to work for the biggest companies in America."

We are extremely proud that coming in at #1 is MetroWest Medical Center's Jeanette Corsini and her Boston Marathon Nursing Team!  

Boston Marathon runners experiencing hypothermia, muscle cramps, and dehydration have long been able to get treatment from 10 nurses at MetroWest Medical Center who started volunteering their services in the 1980s. But on the morning of April 15, 2013—when two exploding bombs cut through the crowded finish line on Boylston Street—the MetroWest relief team transformed instantly into a rescue squad. “Even to this day it seems very unreal,” says head nurse Jeanette Corsini (pictured above, far right), whose older daughter was among the marathon’s 23,000 runners. It took just 20 minutes for Corsini’s team to triage 98 patients and get them to ambulances. Many runners had lost limbs, but Corsini and her nurses saved lives by stanching the bleeding with tourniquets. This year, of course, the MetroWest team was back, working in medical tents lined with 70 to 80 handmade quilts sent in from all over the world. Says Corsini, “A lot of volunteers found closure.”

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