Jennifer's Cancer Story

Jun 6, 2019

Video Transcript:

Jennifer’s Story, Part 1 (transcript of video testimonial)

It all started when I found a lump in my throat, right there.  I just noticed it one day when I was touching my throat, and it didn’t hurt from the inside. After a few doctor’s visits and a biopsy, I was told it was cancer.

I was in a complete fog, I was like “This is not even happening to me, this can’t be happening to me”. My first visit was with radiation, where I met my favorite nurse. I had a million questions of course, and she answered all of them.

Then I met the medical oncologist, and he was just phenomenal. Before I knew it, he was setting me up with a team.  The center is set up so that everything is easy to find, and everybody is connected.  I thought I would be overwhelmed, but I wasn’t.  I never felt alone.

As bad as cancer is, as exhausted and beat up as you feel, they make it so much easier.  It’s almost as if you forget you have cancer.