CT Imaging Expands at MetroWest Medical Center

Nov 5, 2021
New CT scanner brings even more access to advanced imaging in a convenient location

CT-Ribbon-CuttingFramingham, MA – MetroWest Medical Center is advancing its CT imaging capabilities with a new computed tomography (CT) scanner in its Wellness Center. The center now offers convenient access to a broader range of advanced CT procedures, enhancing diagnostic accuracy by providing additional information to patients and their physicians.

“The new system provides high quality imaging at a lower radiation dose, as well as offering additional features to reduce common hardware artifacts from implanted devices like orthopedic implants and dental fillings,” said Dr. Amogh Srivastava, Chair of Radiology at MetroWest Medical Center.

CT scanners with a lower radiation dose decrease the long-term risks of unnecessary exposure to radiation. With a low radiation dose, patients and their care team can get safer, higher quality care while gathering important information about their current condition.

The system also includes a remote control feature that allows technologists to stay with their patients for a longer period of time during exam preparation, improving the patient experience, particularly for patients with mobility challenges who may need additional support.

“With medical technology progressing at such a rapid pace, we believe it’s our responsibility to bring these advances here so they can benefit the MetroWest area,” said Ava Collins, Chief Executive Officer of

MetroWest Medical Center. “It’s not just an investment in new equipment, it’s an investment in the region. This is just the latest such investment demonstrating our commitment to this community.”

The MetroWest Wellness Center is located at 761 Worcester Road, Framingham. Patients interested in learning more about the new CT scanner or other imaging services can contact the center at (508) 383-1313.

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