MetroWest Medical Center Debuts New Fixed Urology System

Feb 3, 2022

System pairs ergonomic table with precision imaging for urological procedures

Framingham, MA – MetroWest Medical Center (MWMC) unveils its latest expansion: a new fixed urology system with an ergonomic operating table and advanced imaging capabilities. The system is designed for cystoscopic procedures, where urology experts examine, diagnose and treat medical issues in the bladder, urethra and kidneys.

“We are pleased to continue adding advanced technology to better serve our patients at MWMC,” said Ava Collins, Chief Executive Officer. “We made this investment for the people we serve, so that we can continue offering the most advanced care close to home.”


The new system has a compact, ergonomic design so that patients are in a more optimal position for their procedure. This design can make cystoscopic procedures easier to perform, and more comfortable for patients and physicians.

“We have a fantastic team here, excellent surgeons who deliver excellent outcomes,” said Dr. Yagnik Pandya, Acting Chairman of MetroWest Medical Center’s Department of Surgery. “This new system makes it easier for them to do what they do best. It’s a better experience for them and it’s a better experience for our patients.”

Precise imaging is crucial during a cystoscopic procedure. With the new system, surgeons and the rest of the care team can see more detailed images on two high-definition monitors. When fluoroscopy is used, the images can be captured using lower doses of radiation to reduce the risks of prolonged exposure to x-rays.

“The screens mounted on the equipment show direct visualization and fluoroscopy images side-by-side for better visibility,” said Patricia Jagoe, Senior Director of Perioperative Services at MetroWest Medical Center. “The smaller footprint of the equipment means the room is more streamlined, giving us extra space to work during a procedure. And the system features a user-friendly platform which helps us provide safe, efficient care.”

Urologists at MetroWest Medical Center praised the new system before the ribbon cutting marking the launch of the new equipment.

“As urologists, we view this as a tool to help deliver safe, effective and high-quality care,” said Dr. Xiaolong Liu, a board-certified urologist from Greater Boston Urology who practices at MetroWest Medical Center. “This will help deliver 21st century care to this community.”

MetroWest Medical Center offers treatment for a wide range of urologic conditions and diseases using minimally invasive techniques.

“We want to make sure that we have state-of-the-art equipment for our patients,” said Dr. Stanley Kraus, also a board-certified urologist from Greater Boston Urology who practices at MetroWest Medical Center. “Now that we have this equipment in place, we’ll be using it on a daily basis to provide the highest level of care for our patients.”

Learn more about Urology Services at MetroWest Medical Center here or call (866) 305-3750.

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