MWMC's Online ER Check-In: Patients Wait in Comfort of Homes Instead of ER Waiting Room

Feb 18, 2015

Many times, a medical emergency can be a non-life-threatening situation but one that requires immediate attention. When faced with these types of medical emergencies, waiting in the emergency room (ER) can sometimes be long and frustrating. To help make waiting a little less stressful, MetroWest Medical Center now offers an online self-scheduling service, InQuicker, which takes the wait out of our ER waiting rooms and allows patients to wait in the comfort of their own homes.

Patients can use InQuicker to check-in for estimated ER treatment times at either hospital campus or book appointments for health care services. Checking-in is simple, secure and only takes a few online steps to choose an arrival time. 

When a patient arrives at the ER, our goal is to see them within 15 minutes of their check-in time. However, if patients with more developing medical needs are present in the ER, those patients may be seen first. 

Emergency room online check-in should only be used if you have a non-life-threatening medical emergency. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest ER if you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, or feel that your "life or limb" is in danger. Also, go directly to the ER if a child has a severe injury, animal bite, burn, or feel that their “life or limb” is in danger.

When Should You Visit the ER?

Knowing how to distinguish emergency, urgent and routine health concerns is important. It can help you make emergency care as efficient and effective as possible because the initial minutes after an injury or medical crisis are often the most critical. Rely your instincts when deciding if you or a loved one needs immediate medical attention.

Symptoms that generally indicate an emergency include:

* Head injury or broken bones
* Seizure or loss of consciousness
* Persistent chest or abdominal pain or pressure
* Numbness or paralysis of an arm or leg
* Sudden slurred speech, visual changes or weakness
* Uncontrollable bleeding
* Poisoning or suspected overdose
* Inability to breathe or shortness of breath
* Major burns
* Intense pain
* Severe reaction to an insect bite, medication or food


At MetroWest Medical Center, our emergency department teams are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide you and your loved ones with the emergency care you may need.

Along with providing modern, state-of-the-art settings, MetroWest Medical Center’s emergency rooms are staffed with physicians who are board certified in emergency medicine, and nurses certified in advanced cardiac care, advanced pediatric life support, and trauma nursing.

Learn more about the emergency services and online self-scheduling service offered at MetroWest Medical Center’s Framingham or Natick locations.

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