Physical, Speech, ​& Occupational Therapy

​Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services

Getting back on the move after an injury is sometimes easier said than done. Full recovery from an injury often requires comprehensive rehabilitation treatment. At MetroWest Medical Center, we offer one on one, individual sessions with a licensed therapist for the full range of specialty rehabilitation treatment, including sports injury recovery and orthopedic rehabilitation.  Our individualized plans are developed by expert rehabilitation staff, which include specialists in neurologic and musculoskeletal disorders.

Our rehabilitation staff works with your surgeon or doctor to help reduce your pain and bring you back to full strength, motion and flexibility. We specialize in the treatment of neurologic and musculoskeletal disorders including pre- and postoperative care programs.

We work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan right for your needs. Our services include:

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Find low stress, highly effective rehabilitation with aquatic therapy at MetroWest.
Prevent falls before they happen. Learn more about our Balance and Falls Prevention Program.
Regain function and independence with our hand therapy program.
Manage the side effects of cancer treatment with MetroWest’s Living Well Program.
Ease swelling and other problems from lymphedema with MetroWest’s lymphedema treatment and rehab.
Find independence in your daily activities with help from our experienced occupational therapists.
Regain control and relieve pain from pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence.
Find customized physical therapy and regain function with MetroWest Physical Therapy.
Learn advanced breathing techniques and find increased endurance with pulmonary rehabilitation at MetroWest.
Our Speech-Language Pathologists provide speech therapy for a full range of problems.
Relieve the effects of vertigo with vestibular rehabilitation at MetroWest.
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Find rehabilitation classes and events offered near you with MetroWest.
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