Outpatient Cardiac Rehab Can Strengthen Your Heart

Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation can be an important and life-changing step in the journey to recovery and wellness for people who have experienced a cardiac episode or have been diagnosed with a cardiac disease. Cardiac rehab is a medically supervised program that includes exercise training, education on heart-healthy living and lifestyle, and oftentimes counseling to help reduce stress. If you have had heart failure or are recovering from a cardiac event, MetroWest Medical Center outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program can play a critical role in improving your quality and length of life.

Through the cardiac rehab program at MetroWest Medical Center, patients who have had a recent heart attack, angina attack, heart failure, valve surgery, open-heart surgery or angioplasty receive the specialized care they need to return to normal activities.

Cardiac rehabilitation improves heart function, lowers risk factors for heart complications and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Trained cardiac rehab specialists work with patients to strengthen the heart muscle and increase endurance and stamina. Working with your cardiologist and the cardiac rehabilitation team to develop an individualized plan helps you become independent, self-assured and symptom-free. These plans may include:

  • Low- moderate intensity aerobic exercise and strength training (exercise prescriptions are tailored to each person’s diagnosis and functional status)
  • Monitoring of blood pressure and heart rhythm during exercise
  • Education and lectures focused on nutrition, stress management, hypertension, diabetes, exercise, risk reduction, behavior modification and emotional aspects of dealing with heart disease
  • A holistic approach to care that covers the full range of patient needs, from psychosocial to physical
  • A caring staff that is on-hand to provide encouragement and emotional support, answer questions and discuss areas of concern

The outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program at MetroWest Medical Center offers high-quality rehabilitation care. If you have had a recent cardiac episode or diagnosis, contact your physician to discuss if you are a candidate for our cardiac rehabilitation program.

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