MetroWest Medical Center Employee Spotlight: Addie Gibson

Apr 20, 2023

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - MetroWest Medical Center (MWMC) employee, Addie Gibson, has worked at MWMC for the past 20 years. Her current title is Director of Hospitality and Community Liaison. Addie often attends and coordinates local events on behalf of MWMC to support our MetroWest community.

Addie started at Framingham Union Hospital as a caterer that managed the hospital events. While working at Leonard Morse Hospital in Natick, Addie was a Patient Service Manager, then became Director of Food and Nutrition. At one point, she worked as a contractor for the onsite Morrison Healthcare Food Services provider, to learn their business.

Through Addie’s career at MetroWest Medical Center, she has overseen many hospital departments including housekeeping, food service, transport, environmental services, volunteers, telecommunications, guest services, valet and pastoral care. As of September 2022, Addie took on the Community Liaison role in addition to her Director of Hospitality role.

The best part of her job is her team, coworkers and the patients she serves. Over the years, Addie has built many friendships, not only with coworkers, but also patients. Addie chose to work in the healthcare industry based on the values her family taught her – paying it forward and helping others. Through personal experiences, Addie learned the importance of supporting people who are going through health challenges. While she does not have a clinical degree, Addie knew that she wanted to be part of the solution in healthcare in order to help patients.

About 15 years ago, as Co-Chair, Addie and team initiated the “Go Green MWMC” committee. The employee team started a recycling program, in addition to other activities that are still implemented. MWMC achieved national “clean medicine” awards four years in a row as members of the “Practice Green Health” organization. The Food Service team that Addie oversees also engages in a Healthy Food Pledge. MWMC still practices green initiatives including composting in the kitchen, energy programs (turn the lights off), mops in each room (dry mops separate from wet mops) to ensure no cross contamination, paperless meetings by using white boards, and offering a refillable 12 oz. mug in the hospital cafeteria for $1 refills. Recently, MWMC purchased a new dish washing machine that cuts down on water use, in addition to an upgraded lighting system for energy reduction.

In Addie’s free time, she is passionate about cooking for her family. She enjoys international travel while learning about different cultures. Addie also enjoys reading.

“At MetroWest Medical Center, we work hard to provide a safe and high-quality patient care experience. From our excellent clinical team to a healthy meal and a clean room, I am proud to work with such a dedicated team,” said Addie.

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