Meet MetroWest Medical Center’s Nurse Educator Jennifer Kingsbury, RN

Jun 28, 2023

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – June 28, 2023 – MetroWest Medical Center’s Jennifer Kingsbury, RN, started working at MetroWest Medical Center 23 years ago. Her story is an interesting one as she was recruited after being a patient in Framingham Union Hospital’s Labor & Delivery unit. Jennifer shares that “I went home with a baby and a new job, and never left! MetroWest Medical Center is my home.”

Her current title is Perinatal/Special Care Nursery Nurse Educator.

Perinatal Nurse Educator Role

Jennifer helps facilitate the ongoing education of all the Perinatal Nurses; those that care for women during pregnancy, birth and post-partum. Nursing is an ever-changing profession and education is ongoing. MetroWest Medical Center nurses implement evidence-based practices. As the evidence changes or is discovered, it’s Jennifer’s job to convey that information to MetroWest Medical Center Perinatal Nurses so they can incorporate it into their practice, providing the best nursing care available to patients.

Jennifer’s additional responsibilities include bringing nursing students to the “Beautiful Beginnings Birth Unit.” She helps give students the opportunity to learn from a Maternity Instructor for clinical instruction and preceptorship, a structured start for newly qualified students. This way, the confidence grows for new graduates, build their skills through real-world learning exposure in our hospitals.

Career Background

Jennifer’s previous experience includes a medical assistant role for about five years in an OB/GYN office. While she enjoyed it, Jennifer yearned to learn more to further help her patients. She started school at night while continuing to work full time, then eventually transitioned to full-time nursing school at UMass Boston with her ultimate goal of working in Maternity.

Once a Registered Nurse (RN) graduate, Jennifer was offered an office job in the same OB/GYN office, but instead, she chose to work on a medical-surgical inpatient floor to further her inpatient nursing skills. While in that role, Jennifer learned she was expecting a baby. Her sister-in-law recommended delivering at MetroWest Medical Center. Jennifer had her daughter at Framingham Union Hospital in January of 2000. During Jennifer’s delivery stay at the hospital, the delivery unit manager recruited her to work at the hospital.

Jennifer started as a nurse in the Postpartum unit, where - mothers and babies recover after childbirth until discharge. Following an additional five years, Jennifer desired to continue her education and then transitioned into the Labor and Delivery unit. In 2022, she transitioned into the Perinatal Nurse Educator role where she is able to satisfy her desire to learn more. Jennifer uses her critical thinking skills and clinical expertise on a daily basis to support mothers that may have pre-existing medical conditions with birthing events of all types. Jennifer collaborates with the Obstetrician and entire team to safely care for mothers and infants of our community.

Q&A With Jennifer Kingsbury, RN

What’s the best part of your job?
“The best part of my job has always been the satisfaction of providing good care that makes a difference in the patient’s life. Although my focus has changed a bit, it is equally as satisfying to help a fellow nurse understand something new and help empower him or her to now bring that to the patients. Of course, participating and helping a woman give birth is a true privilege. Helping a mother reach her goals for labor and delivery is an amazing feeling. I feel so lucky to be a part of my patients’ birth story.”

Top reasons you continue to work at MetroWest Medical Center:
“I find a great satisfaction in being a part of something important and helping other people. I like being productive. I really don’t think I’m made to ever stay home all day. I’ve worked since I was a teenager and I’ve always loved it. Vacations are wonderful, but after a while, I’m itching to get back to work and be productive. I think retirement will be a tough transition for me. MetroWest Medical Center has always been a place that allows me to feel that my work is important and valued. It’s corny, but our Beautiful Beginnings Birth Center is my home. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most amazing nurses and doctors here; they are family to me. I can’t imagine being anywhere else."

What do you like to do in your free time?
“I have recently taken up gardening. I spend most of my free time right now learning about it and attempting to get better at gardening. My aunt has always grown all her own produce. If she didn’t grow it, her family didn’t eat it. I remember spending my summers at her house helping her weed the garden. I hated it!! But now, as an adult, I love it. It’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you harvest your vegetables and discover they actually taste great!!!!”

What would you tell a nurse considering joining the MetroWest Medical Center Team?
“I’d tell them we are like a family here. I’ve never had that anywhere else. And, we have wonderful patients! I am grateful to MetroWest Medical Center for giving me the opportunity to always learn and do the job I love. I’ve always known how fortunate I am to have a career I truly love. So many people don’t have that opportunity and I hope I never take it for granted.”

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MW Jennifer and daughter
Pictured above: Jennifer Kingsbury with her daughter, Emily, from 2000 and current day.

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