Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement Surgery Options 

Today, we’re staying active and living longer than any other time in history. But all of that activity can take its toll, and painful, stiff joints can eventually stop you from doing all of the things you enjoy. At MetroWest Medical Center's Joint Replacement Surgery Center, our clinical expertise enables us to diagnose your joint disorder quickly and move forward with a plan of care that best fits your needs.

Is Joint Replacement Surgery Right for You?

At MetroWest, we take joint pain seriously. Our orthopedic specialists will give you a thorough evaluation to determine if surgery is right for you. Nonsurgical solutions may be the first defense for major joint pain and may include joint injections, arthroscopic surgery or rehabilitation. However, if you and your doctor agree that an orthopedic surgical procedure is the right choice, our expert team of orthopedic surgeons has the ability to replace all the major joints.

Evaluating Your Care

At MetroWest Medical Center, our joint replacement surgeons and support staff will prepare you mentally and physically for your procedure. Your preparation before orthopedic surgery is very important, so we provide education classes to familiarize you with what to expect — and when you can return to your regular activities.

Even after you leave the hospital, we’ll continue to monitor and manage your progress to ensure the best results possible. With advanced medicine and personalized care, we treat you like a member of our family, not just another patient with a bad knee.

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