If you are suffering from pelvic pain or experiencing problems with bowel or bladder control, MetroWest Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Services may be able to help.

When you visit the rehabilitation department, you’ll work with a physical therapist with extensive experience and training in pelvic floor issues to evaluate your pelvic health for spine and pelvic mobility, muscle strength and function. Our caring staff provides individualized pelvic health rehabilitation and private treatment areas to discuss your symptoms and treatment options, which may include:

  • Individualized training of pelvic floor muscle exercises, including biofeedback, electric stimulation, accessory muscle training, core strengthening and ergonomics education
  • Analysis of behavioral elements that affect the pelvic floor
  • Manual therapy techniques to relieve pain and improve mobility

With exercises and behavioral modifications, many people can find relief after just a few sessions. Some commonly problems that we treat include:

  • Urinary urgency and frequency
  • Urinary and fecal incontinence 
  • Constipation
  • Pelvic or organ prolapse
  • Coccydinia
  • Pelvic pain associated with pregnancy
  • Urogenital prolapse

After your evaluation, your physical therapist with help you develop an individualized therapy regimen to help you regain your pelvic function, as well as reduce incontinence and pain issues.

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