EMS Information

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) have the vital and important role of being the first to give care and treatment to individuals before they arrive at the MetroWest Medical Center. As an EMT, you’re not only saving lives, but also making a first impression of what patients can expect from MetroWest.

We understand the importance of the EMT role and offer training to individuals interested in fulfilling this lifesaving need.

EMS Meeting Schedule 2022

Tuesday, January 18, 20227pm – 9pmZOOM
Tuesday, February 15, 20227pm – 9pmZOOM
Tuesday, March 15, 20227pm – 9pmZOOM
Tuesday, April 12, 20227pm – 9pmPerini AuditoriumFUH
Tuesday, May 17, 20227pm – 9pmHelm AuditoriumLMH
Tuesday, June 21, 20227pm – 9pmPerini AuditoriumFUH
Tuesday, September 20, 20227pm – 9pmHelm AuditoriumLMH
Tuesday, October 18, 20227pm – 9pmPerini AuditoriumFUH
Tuesday, November 15, 20227pm – 9pmHelm AuditoriumLMH
Tuesday, December 20, 20227pm – 9pmPerini AuditoriumFUH

Meeting Coordinator: Dr. David Morris

EMS Training Schedule

Once you have selected your shifts, please email Ed Burman, R.N., to be booked. You may request to be pre-scheduled for up to one month beyond the current month. For example, in January, you can be scheduled for January and February.


The following departments have opportunities for training:

  • Framingham Obstetrics: One student per shift; day or evenings. No overnights unless arranged by EMS Liaison. See schedule.
  • Framingham Emergency Department: One student per shift for days and evenings and one student on the overnight shift. You may schedule all seven days of the week. See schedule.
  • Framingham Intensive Care Unit: One student per shift; days and evenings. No overnights unless arranged with the EMS Liaison. See schedule.
  • Natick Emergency Department: One student between the hours of 1100 and 2300. For any other arrangements, please contact the EMS Liaison. See schedule.

MetroWest Medical Center currently does not schedule students for the Operating Room, Pediatrics or Behavioral Medicine (Psych).

Contact Us

If you are experiencing issues accessing the online schedule, please email EMS Liaison Ed Burman, R.N. All scheduling must be done through the EMS Liaison. Please email your name and phone number, and he will contact you. If you are a student, you may also contact the EMS Liaison for instructions regarding future scheduling.