Employee Resources

Helpful Resources & Links

Below are resources and links we hope our employees will find helpful. 

Our Human Resources department can be reached at (508) 383-1521.

Help Desk Information

The Tenet Main Service Desk is a centralized Service Desk, which is operated by Dell Services for all Tenet facilities. MWMC x1890 internally or (508) 383-1890 externally.
A recorded call tree will greet you, providing you with options to find the appropriate source for help for the type of problem you are experiencing. Our local physicians and clinical users should continue to use Dell’s specialized Physician Service Desk (PSD) and Advanced Clinical Service Desk (ACSD).
Call tree options that will be used beginning on June 15:
9) For Password Issues
1) For Physician and Provider Support (PSD)
2) For Clinical MEDITECH Issues (including “how to” questions) (ACSD)
3) For Non-Clinical MEDITECH Application Support (including admissions, scheduling, medical records and accounting)
0) For All Other Calls (including Non-MEDITECH applications, local technical and hardware support)
In addition to calling the Tenet Main Service Desk, you will also have the option of submitting an email for any non-urgent or non-emergency tickets or requests via the Tenet Service Desk Mailbox [email protected].
Tenet owned Physician Practices will continue to use the Information Technology Outpatient and Physician Services Desk (IT OPS Desk) at(866) 851-7044.