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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

At MetroWest Medical Center’s Leonard Morse Hospital, we offer special dual diagnosis services and behavioral health services to mental health and substance abuse patients. Aside from providing the high-quality care our patients need, we also do our best to educate people about mental health disorders and substance abuse for prevention and awareness purposes.

Behavioral Health Services

Our comprehensive behavioral health services feature

  • A 28-bed unit at MetroWest Medical Center and a 20-bed unit at Saint Vincent Hospital
  • Short-term, intensive care serving patients aged 16 and older
  • Individualized treatment plans designed to help patients return home safely or transition to a less restrictive level of care

Providing Care for Mental Health Disorders

Mental health disorders can be caused or aggravated by multiple factors, such as the patient’s family history, genes and the chemical imbalances in the a person’s brain. They can also be caused by traumatic brain injury, a history of abuse (especially during childhood), excessive alcohol and drug intake, serious medical conditions (i.e. cancer) and more.

A person who is suffering from a mental health disorder may experience a drop in functioning, mood swings, apathy, illogical thinking, unexplained fear or suspiciousness of others, feeling disconnected, increased sensitivity, changes in sleep or appetite and more.

Some of the mental health disorders we help treat at MetroWest Medical Center include

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Mood disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Panic disorder
  • Phobias
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Psychotic disorders (i.e. schizophrenia)
  • Self-harm

Substance Abuse Recovery and Relapse Prevention

On the other hand, substance abuse disorder happens when a person excessively uses alcohol or another substance, such as drugs and marijuana, to the point of compromising his/her health and experiencing issues at home, school or at work.

People experience substance addition for many reasons, including peer pressure, emotional distress, stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and genetics.

If you or someone you love are experiencing signs of a substance abuse disorder, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at MetroWest Medical Center. Our team of compassionate therapists, specialists and staff guides our patients every step of their journey, providing individualized treatment plan that will meet their specific needs. Our goal is to help patients return home safely or to transition to a less restrictive level of care.

Our Inpatient Mental Health Unit

You can find quality inpatient mental health and substance abuse care with the MetroWest Medical Center’s 20-bed adult inpatient mental health unit. We offer short-term, intensive care for patients aged 18 and older, with a focus on building long-term mental health care and relapse prevention techniques. At the same time, we educate our patients and their families to help improve the way they cope and handle mental health conditions.

Some of the inpatient mental health services we offer include

  • Crisis intervention
  • Dual diagnosis (mental health and substance abuse)
  • Occupational therapy
  • Group, one-on-one and family therapy
  • Medical evaluation and management
  • Thorough aftercare planning

Find Help

If you are suffering from a mental health disorder or substance addiction, please schedule an appointment with a specialist as soon as possible. Mental health issues are as real as other medical conditions, so we encourage you to get the care you need before life-threatening problems occur. In case of a psychiatric emergency, please call our 24-hour crisis assessment team at 508-650-7339. This number may also be used for patient referrals.

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