Caring for You During Your Stay

At MetroWest Medical Center, your care may be aided by a hospitalist, a doctor familiar with every aspect of inpatient medical care.

When you are admitted to a medical unit of the hospital, a team of MetroWest Medical Center hospitalists will immediately assume responsibility for managing your care for the length of your hospital stay. We make sure that a hospitalist is always present at the hospital, so they can see you as frequently as your medical condition requires and can quickly recognize and respond to changes in your condition.

Hospitalists work closely with nurses, specialists and other staff to coordinate your care, order tests, analyze results and ensure you get the treatment you need. During and after your stay, MetroWest hospitalists work with your primary care doctor to keep him or her informed about your condition, coordinate care and arrange for necessary follow-up care.

What Hospitalists Do

Hospitalists will provide the following services to patients in our medical units:

  • Provide prompt admission and treatment
  • Oversee your entire hospital stay to provide quality care
  • Communicate ongoing patient status to your primary care doctor
  • Arrange diagnostic testing and specialty consultations
  • Explain findings and discuss treatment recommendations with you
  • Orchestrate all patient care
  • Review hospital treatment with insurance companies and payers

Learn More

If you’d like more information about the Hospitalist Program at MetroWest Medical Center, you can contact Framingham Union Hospital at (508) 383-1000.