Critical Care That’s Close to Home

When it comes to a life-threatening illness or injury, you want high-quality care that’s close to home. MetroWest Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has the staff and resources to provide care and healing for a wide variety of complex medical, surgical or psychological concerns. We offer:

  • A compassionate and highly trained staff
  • A warm, healing environment for both you and your family
  • State-of-the-art technology and diagnostic procedures
  • Doctors and nurses with advanced training in critical care and cardiac care, as well as advanced cardiac life support certification
  • Convenience of quality care close to home, with a 12-bed ICU at Framingham Union Hospital
  • MetroWest Medical Center uses KRONOS Optilink/Extensions as their inpatient methodology tool for measuring patient acuity/patients’ requirements for nursing care. The KRONOS Optilink/Extensions tool supports the work of the nurses, but does not replace the Registered Nurses clinical judgment about the care needs of our patients.

Why Choose MetroWest?

At MetroWest, we work hard to provide a positive space and a warm environment that promotes healing and open communication for you and your family. While in the Intensive Care Unit, our highly trained Registered Nurses are only assigned to one or two patients at a time, and you can expect to be treated with the respect and compassion you deserve.

During your stay with us, your family will be encouraged to visit to support you in your healing. Our ICU team will work with you and your family to determine the best visiting schedule. This will help ensure that your loved one can receive plenty of quiet rest, as well as ongoing medical attention, to speed their recovery.

For More Information

Want to learn more? Feel free to contact Framingham Union Hospital ICU at(508) 383-1400.

ICU Nurse to Patient Ratios

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